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The life’s theater under the foliage of lime tree and holm oak

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menu ristorante michelin firenze (1)
menu ristorante michelin firenze (1)

Tasting Menus

Tasting menus are joy and nourishment for the stomach and the mind.
They must be thought of as a whole in order to be expressed and become an experience.


Contemporary Architectures

Architectures of Tradition


Paths that over time have become a symbol of my cuisine.
A seven course experience where the participation of the entire table is required

95 euros

Evolutions with wines

The wines will be told during the tasting

140 euros

Contemporary Architectures

For this menu, the whole table is asked to participate

Raw prawn from Mazara
Arborea Mussles, Green Apple, Seaweed, Candied Ginger

Verrigni bell peppers
Mackerel, Salted zabaione, Bottarga

Barbecue fish
Spinach, Lemon mayonnaise, Roasted cherry tomatoes, Almonds

Tarte au citron
Burnt Italian meringue/ Lemon French meringue

75 euros

Contemporary Architectures with wines

Tramari Rosè 2021 – Cantine San Marzano
Pulcinculo 2018 – DHD
Sangiovese di Pesaro – Guerrieri
Estasi 2020 – Franco Filippi

100 euros

Architectures of Tradition

For this menu, the whole table is asked to participate

Beef tongue
Green sauce mousse, Confit tomatoes, Sicilian capers, Leeks

Tagliolino all’uovo
Lobster of the Atlantic & Precious black truffle

Agnello Pomarancino
Loin in crust, Leg stew, Pecorino and black pepper,
Shallot, Lamb’s Jus and Garlic

Éclair tiramisu
Mascarpone with matcha green tea, Calabrian licorice, Red fruits

70 euros

Architectures of Tradition with wines

Schiava 2020 – Girlan
Fonseca 2015 – Petreto
Umo 2020 – Boffalora
Sensazioni d’inverno 2018 – Claudio Terzoni

95 euros

Menu à la Carte

For those who want to choose their own path.

Asparagus, Egg Cream, Potato Steak, Fine Black Truffle (*7) / 18 euros
Beef tongue, Green sauce, Cherry tomatoes, Leek, Caper (*5-8) / 20 euros
Ceviche of sea scallop, Coriander, Lime, Chili, Avocado, Corn / 22 euros
Beef tartare from Garfagnina, Pil pil, Burnt nori seaweed , Fava beans / 20 euros

Egg pasta cappelletti, Pigeon paté, Liquorice, Tarragon / 20 euros
Tagliolini 25 Rossi, Atlantic lobster, Fine black truffle / 25 euros
Acquerello Risotto, Beetroot, Luxuria De Magi, Lemon, Chives / 22 euros
Bell peppers di grano Verrigni, Mackerel, Salted zabaione, Bottarga / 22 euros

Barbecue fish, Spinach, Lemon mayonnaise, Roasted cherry tomatoes, Almonds / 28 euros
Bbq Romaine Lettuce, Mayonnaise of garlic, Crispy bread, Lemon / 23 euros
Pomarancino Lamb, Loin in crust, Stewed leg, Pecorino and black pepper, Shallot / 28 euros
Pigeon stuffed guinea fowl pâté with pears (only by reservation) / 38 euros

Tarte au citron, Burnt Meringue, Lemon / 8 euros
Éclair tiramisu, Mascarpone with Matcha tea, Licorice, Red fruits / 10 euros
Sacher Torte, Whipped cream / 10 euros
Piña colada to eat / 12 euros
Lemon and Sage sorbet / 8 euros

*In order to follow the most advanced processing techniques and guarantee better quality, our dishes may have undergone rapid blast chilling treatments at negative temperatures, while maintaining the organoleptic properties, nutritional characteristics and health and hygiene safety of the final product intact and unaltered. For any information on allergenic substances in our products, please refer to the appropriate documentation, which will be provided on request by our service staff.

Giuseppe Papallo Chef

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L’Architettura del Cibo è uno spazio enogastronomico di ricerca del gusto. E’ un luogo dove si confeziona con la cura dei gesti l’Arte. E’ un mestiere antico, dove l’Arte si unisce alla tradizione del territorio e si consegna al presente come autentica emozione.

Giuseppe Papallo

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