It was the middle of the 19th century when a Florentine noblewoman was given in marriage to a Sicilian nobleman. The gentleman built their house here in her honour. He built a typical Florentine villa in neoclassical style, which over the years became known as Villa Ortigia.

What was once the private garden of Marquis Tommaso Cargallo da Siracusa is now home to the Restaurant L’Architettura del Cibo


The structure, surrounded by a garden, was created by the hands of skilled Florentine craftsmen and can accommodate up to 35 people.
Its rooms open up to unique spaces with an industrial style, and the furnishings provide an evocative atmosphere with an iconic touch. The scrupulous care of the materials used and the precision of every detail signify a strong and authentic personality
The privacy enjoyed is skilfully mixed with the conviviality of the service, attentive and impeccable but never intrusive, dedicated to our guests.

Giuseppe Papallo Chef

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Architettura del Cibo is a food and wine research alcove.
A place where people, with the care of gestures, renew the art of an ancient craft, and thus deliver tradition to the present, as an authentic emotion.

Giuseppe Papallo

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