It was the middle of the 19th century when a Florentine noblewoman was given in marriage to a Sicilian nobleman. The gentleman built their house here in her honour. He built a typical Florentine villa in neoclassical style, which over the years became known as Villa Ortigia.

What was once the private garden of Marquis Tommaso Cargallo da Siracusa is now home to the Restaurant L’Architettura del Cibo


L’Architettura del Cibo is a young fine dining restaurant just a stone’s throw from the historic center of Florence. Slightly secluded, it offers the opportunity to park easily if you arrive by car. The restaurant was born in May 2018 from the vision of Chef Giuseppe Papallo and the Cecchi Family’s desire to create a structure where to give space to creativity and beauty. A partnership where matter and love for cuisine come together to create excellent flavors and unexpected combinations.


The restaurant is, first and foremost, a hotbed of craftsmanship of excellence, and it lets itself be discovered over time. Everything you can touch and observe inside is a unique piece, designed and crafted to best enhance our idea of hospitality and dining.

The kitchen, completely exposed, opens to the dining room and invades it with its being modern and gleaming. It is designed to integrate and become an open, shared creative stage. A laboratory of ideas and professionalism, where the evening’s service is orchestrated in front of customers’ eyes.

The structure, surrounded by greenery, was created by the hands of skilled Florentine artisans and can accommodate up to 35 people.
Its rooms open up to unique spaces with an industrial style, and the furniture elements offer an evocative atmosphere with an iconic touch. The scrupulous care of the materials with which it is made, and the precision of every detail, seal a strong and authentic personality.
The privacy enjoyed is skillfully blended with the conviviality of the service, attentive and impeccable but never intrusive, dedicated to our guests.

Our Philosophy

The culinary inspiration for Chef Papallo is an empirical exercise of gastronomic balances born from the experience of repeated gestures and the revolutionary vision of daily living. Tradition and innovation in the kitchen converge in his dishes with a touch of elegant personality and beauty.

A journey in the sign of taste.