Restaurant Architettura del Cibo

Architettura del Cibo is a true experience for the senses, where matter and love of cooking come together to create excellent flavours and unexpected combinations. The restaurant is, first and foremost, a forge of excellent craftsmanship, and is discovered over time. Everything that can be touched and observed inside is a unique piece, designed and created to enhance our idea of hospitality and catering.

The kitchen, which is completely open, looks into the restaurant and invades it with its modern, gleaming appearance. It has been designed to integrate and become a shared creative stage. A laboratory of ideas and professionalism, where the evening’s service is orchestrated in front of the customers’ eyes.

Giuseppe Papallo

About us

Our philosophy

The team’s daily objective is to transfer the uniqueness of the environment to our guests, so that they can experience a culinary journey of excellence in a context that enhances, in all its forms, the human value. In fact, for us, the guest is a dear friend, who returns each time to refresh himself from the speed of modern times. Our satisfaction is to take care of every aspect in order to give you an experience full of joy.

Materie prime di qualità


Our menu

The word that best describes us within contemporary culinary categories is ‘slow food’. We are very keen to emphasise the importance of time, in order to be able to enhance every characteristic of what you eat, and the all-round quality of the evening you spend there. Our gourmet cuisine offers a wide selection of the highest quality raw materials, fresh every day, from the best farmers’ gardens and organic farms that the local area and the season offer us. So you can enjoy their goodness, cooked by the skilful hand of Chef Giuseppe Papallo.


Our wine list

Our sophistication is not only limited to the kitchen. The wine is also invaluable as a companion on this culinary journey. From French sparkling to sweet Mediterranean wines, we have designed a wine menu for every occasion and taste.